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On Pollution and Miasma

Gangleri's Grove

A friend sent me a clip from an article that had me just shaking my head. In it, a Pagan was talking about pollution and why she never “needed” to do any cleansing work. Doing so, the misguided author said, would imply that she was dirty.

Um…yes, buttercup it does but this is not a moral judgment. When you take a shower in the morning or a bath at night, is that some grave moral judgment on your inner sense of self? Or your character? Your identity? When you wipe your ass, are you saying your butt is bad? One would hope that you actually do take those showers and wipe. I mean really…and if you clean your ass, as my friend quipped, you can take the time to clean your soul.

This is going to be an ongoing theme. I’ve had a lot of questions lately about miasma. I’ve…

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The People We Travel With…

I tell my students to avoid tumblr. I tell those who come to me to learn about the gods or for initiation and/or spiritual training to avoid people who don’t take their Gods seriously. I tell them …

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GMC Poetry: Hestia, First and Last

Temple of Athena the Savior

Hestia, First and Last

Gentlest of the Olympians

The Quiet One

She Who tends the hearth

Goddess of home, of family, of hospitality

Peaceful harmony is Her creed

So precious are the bonds of family to Her

That when Apollo and Poseidon began to quarrel for Her hand

She forsook marriage altogether

So as not to be the cause of conflict

Where before there had been only goodwill.

She desires not power or fame,

Neither does She feel the need to found Her own dynasty

When there are already so many needy souls to attend to.

She is The Heart of All Things,

The Axis round which we revolve,

The peaceful calm that all Gods cycle back to

(Eventually, when Their tempestuous rages have ended)

And She calmly invites Them back in,

For a hot meal and some pleasant conversation.

Hestia is the Home,

She is the fire of love…

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